Empire Pro Shop, partners with the fitness/ wellness community in the distribution and resale of MUSCLEPHARM ® and RSP ® fitness Supplements in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas is moving towards a more “Fitness/Health” oriented culture whereby more people are joining gyms and getting involved in various sporting activities (marathons, triathlons, MMA fight events etc). As a result, Empire Pro Shop was established with this new culture in the forefront. The first question which came to mind was, “how can we partner with the fitness community to provide the customers with the best experience at the right price during their quest for optimum performance and results?”

At the top of our list is the customer. We are focused assisting you in maximizing your workout capabilities, while stepping into the workout arena and achieving your fitness goal. Our supplements are just what you need to give you that extra boost in order to take you to the next level. The after a fulfilling workout/training session we have the right products to ensure you get the correct post-workout replacement supplements.

Why choose us:
– Why spend your time in the US shopping or on other non-local sites for fitness products when we offer distributor prices?
– Our products are hand-picked just for you; we only offer high quality items.
– With over 30+ years of Martial Arts and Athletic training one of our Directors, who is also a trained physician is more than qualified to advise you.
– Our other highly trained fitness advisors are ready to give you that “5 star” customer treatment while you focus on your fitness goal.

— — — — — —
Our love for fitness and nutrition led us to create Empire Pro Shop to help others get the most out of their workout.